Nintendo Removes Minigame Fire Emblem Fans Didn’t Want: Fire Emblem Fans Outraged

This post is partly speculation and contains unverified information. Read with discretion.

Sounds like a contradictory title, huh? Because it is. And what a depressing one, at that.

Recently, there’s been some talk about the petting minigame from Fire Emblem: Fates being removed from the Western copies of said game. While unverified at the moment, the whole debacle goes to show how bipolar the fanbase tends to be. Let’s take this from the top.

Fire Emblem: Fates includes a feature within the hub world(known as My Castle) called My Room. It is a tree-house. When the Avatar enters their room there are two available activities: the Avatar can change their hairstyle or interact with allies in a minigame.

Interacting with allies comprises of a minigame where the player uses the stylus to touch characters faces to raise their bonds. Characters of either sex can be interacted with regardless of the Avatar’s own. There are two versions of the interaction feature, a general one for all units, and a specific mode for the Avatar’s spouse, and dialogue and interactions are different between these two modes.

He didn’t ask for this.

The feature sounds questionable to begin with; indeed, the original pitch for the mode was arguably worse. There was, of course, a split fanbase: those who didn’t care and the outraged fans demanding it be removed. And now that it could possibly be removed(still unconfirmed), the fans are complaining about removing something they complained about originally and OHGODMYHEADHURTSSTOP-

My point is, what is the problem with removing a feature that an arguably large portion of the fanbase wanted gone? Is it because we’re paying full price for a game that lacks a feature from the Japanese version? Come on. It’s not even that big of a feature, it amounts to just a minigame. If, say, the multiplayer were removed? I would wholeheartedly understand it, but something removed for the sake of not creeping out the general public is by no means wrong.

Entire multiplayer component removed on the WIi U version of Arkham Origins, nobody cares. Minigame removed from Fates, everyone goes insane. To be fair, said version of Arkham Origins costed 10 dollars less.

By pure objective value? Nothing of value would be lost with the removal of this feature. Only very specific people would mourn the loss of an already questionable minigame. It’s general fanbase etiquette to complain about anything and everything, but still.

And if it’s still in after all this(as a few speculate), I really won’t care. Just ignore it if it bothers you.

Due to a complicated schedule, I will be scheduling one post a week to update on Fridays(maybe a second over the weekend as well). Pardon the inactivity.



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